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Felipe Gonçalves


Currently practices in Criminal litigation at FeldensMadruga with emphasis on white-collar crime and money laundering. Was a researcher at the Teaching and Research group on Innovation (GEPI) from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo (FGV-SP), where he coordinated the creation of the LENT (Technology Start-ups Laboratory). Collaborates with articles to the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences (IBCCRIM) covering a variety of themes from the prison system to drug decriminalization, among others.


Master in Law and Development from the Law School of Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo (FGV-SP).
Graduate in Law from Fundação Getúlio VArgas in São Paulo ( FGV-SP).


SILVA, Felipe Gonçalves. Businesses of Social Impact: From the structure of a startup to its approach to Public Power in: Repertório Digital da FGV DIREITO SP, 2014.

SILVA, Felipe Gonçalves. Public debate on decriminalization of drug use in Brazil: Public Sphere in dispute, democracy and the role of the Justice System in: Revista de Estudos Jurídicos UNESP, Franca, 2015.

SILVA, Felipe Gonçalves. Flerting with Savagery: The irresponsibility of the Brazilian Prison System in: Huffington Post Brasil, Juridi-quê, 2017.