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Márcio Garcia


Legislative Consultant by public concourse in the Brazilian Senate (2006/-). Lawyer. Experience in the areas of International Public Law and International Relations. Predominant fields of work: treaty law, international dispute resolution, international juridical cooperation, international constitutional law, comparative law. Laureate of the Order of Rio Branco (2002). Advisor to Supreme Court Justice (1993/97). Protection Officer in Brazil for the High United Nation´s Commissariat for Refugees (ACNUR, 1997/98).


Doctorate from the University of São Paulo (USP).
Master in International Law from the Cambridge University.
Bachelor degree in Law and International Relations from the University of Brasília (UnB).
Scholar from the Center of Study and Research in International Law and Rleations from the International Law Academy at Haia.
Certificate from the International Human Rights Institute, in Strasbourg (1997).
Scholar of the International Law Seminar of the Internacional Law from the United Nation´s Committee, in Geneva (2000).
Scholar from the Institute of International Public Law and International Relations, in Salônica (2001).
Associate researcher from the International Relations Department at UnB (2002/03).Professor at the Graduate level ( lato sensu)  of the International Relations Department at UnB (2002/-).Professor at Rio Branco Institute (2006/-).
Professor at the Public Law Institute -IDP (2004/-).
Examiner from the entrance exam for the Brazilian diplomatic career (1996/08 e 2010/-).


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