Our team of lawyers and consultants unite strong academic background with solid professional experience in white-collar crime, corporate ethics and compliance, administrative proceedings, litigation and mutual legal assistance and international law. Founding partners, Antenor Madruga and Luciano Feldens, have been recognized as top Latin American white-collar crime specialists by Chambers Global, receiving distinctive references for multijurisdictional cases handled by the firm, in international publications such as Global Investigation Review (GIR100), and Who is Who Legal.

White-Collar Crime:

Specialized in complex representation of corporate clients, working strategically to anticipate and respond to risks regarding the Brazilian legal environment for business in matters of corruption, fraud and money laundering. Respected by enforcement agencies.

Corporate Ethics and Compliance:

Works integrated with the criminal defense and civil enforcement experts, conducting internal investigations, negotiating global settlements, and facilitating cooperation with government regulators in leniency and plea bargain agreements.

Public Law:

We are specialized in government matters. Our firm is composed of partners, consultants and associates who are former members of prosecution offices, assistant attorneys-general and who have held other positions in Government, as well as of lawyers who, in the private sector, have dedicated their careers to defending companies and individuals before the government. We have multi-jurisdictional training, qualification, and practice.

This allows us to understand how courts work and their interaction with government agencies in different jurisdictions. We combine this practice with our knowledge and experience in business practices and structures and in their needs, aiming to provide clients with complete, coordinated and tailored strategies for their defense before the Government and the courts in matters related to administrative sanctions, public procurement and contracts.

Due to our origins in corporate criminal law and administrative sanctioning law, we have lived with our clients the consequences and risks involved in relationships between individuals and government. In recent years, we have been involved in the most relevant criminal, civil and administrative investigations and proceedings in the sectors of finance, infrastructure, oil and gas, health, insurance and technology, and others. We advise large Brazilian and foreign companies, as well as their executives in various negotiations for leniency agreements and award-winning collaboration, in Brazil and abroad.

In a preventative manner, we assist our clients in assessing their risks and making decisions in all the phases that precede a public procurement, during the bidding phase (analysis of public notice, preparation of documents, etc.) and during the contractual execution (management of risks, economic and financial rebalancing, tariffs review, etc.).

We have expertise in crise management defending client’s before the Government, especially before the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Financial Activities Control Council – COAF, Federal Comptroller General – CGU, State and Municipal Controllerships, Court of Accounts of the Union – TCU and State Audit Courts, as well as in administrative and judicial proceedings for wrongful acts against the Public Administration, including proceedings based on the Administrative Improbity Law and the Anticorruption Law, in addition to matters related to the Public Procurement and State-owned companies law.

Litigation (Superior Courts)

The nature of the Brazilian legal system allows many different proceedings to reach the superior courts (STJ and STF). This is a highly specialized field of practice and we have an experienced and highly respected group of specialists representing our clients before these bodies in audiences, appeals and oral presentations.

Mutual Legal Assistance and International law:

Essential in criminal investigations and cross-border cases involving corporations. Our team has a unique knowledge and experience in the multi-jurisdictional area that has been valuable to our clients especially in banking and other financial services.

We represent States and foreign Companies in their relationship with Brazilian authorities, guiding them through the national legal system, and on eventual defenses in administrative and judicial proceedings.

We also perform on cases related to nationality choice and International Legal Cooperation, including obtaining exequatur of letters rogatory, ratification of foreign judgments, and representation in extradition proceedings.

In addition, we also provide consultancy on the interpretation and application of foreign and international legislation, as well as on conflicts of jurisdiction.